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European training scheme for road safety experts


2 years research period

Participation in universities from   

8 countries

  • Pilot4safety
  • Pilot4safety
  • Pilot4Safety
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We have brought support to the regional government of Catalonia with the Pilot4Safety Project, pioneer experience in the training of professionals who carry out road audits and inspections.

For the last two years the European Commission has been promoting a common pilot training scheme for experts who perform road audits and inspections. Ineco has provided assistance to the Government of Catalonia, one of the European partners.

This project encompasses a pilot scheme which has brought together regional authorities, road research institutes and universities from eight European countries over the last two years with the aim of developing a common training curriculum for engineers who analyse Roads, especially conventional intercity roads.

Ineco cooperated with the Government of Catalonia which audited two road-based projects: the 25 km-long C-242 local road in Lerida and a bypass in the city of Chynov in the Czech Republic.

Data Sheet
Location: European Commission
Client: Generalitat Cataluña
Execution period: 2010-2012
Market: Roads

All this training and field work experience has helped to define how future European road auditors and inspectors should be trained.

Since 2009 Ineco has been providing assistance to the General Directorate of Roads of the Ministry of Public Works for project drafting, coordination, monitoring and control of the First Generation Highway Upgrade Plan.