Ineco finalises an important roads contract in Mexico


Banobras (Banco Nacional de Obras y Servicios de México) has awarded Ineco the contract for technical management and supervision of the stretch of highway between the cities of Guadalajara and Colima. The contract was signed on Friday by our CEO, Ignasi Nieto.

This is an ambitious road project which brings the model of the first generation of motorways in Spain to the Latin American country. The project includes two differentiated phases: the first will include all consulting and technical assessment, while the second will involve actual construction work, which will also be supervised by Ineco.

With a duration of 14 years and a value of about 620 million pesos (more than 37 million euros), the contract marks a new milestone in the collaboration in various areas between Ineco and Banobras in recent months.

The new model for motorways in Mexico concentrates in a specialist group the responsibility for technical advice (studies and projects) and supervision of the future operator and the bodies in charge of road maintenance. This group must ensure compliance with quality levels in all phases.
In this way, Ineco has become the leading edge of a group of highly specialised Spanish companies.

The Guadalajara-Colima road was built in 1983, it is 148 kilometres long and it forms part of the Manzanillo-Tampico corridor, the main land transport route between the cities of Guadalajara, Zapotlan El Grande (Ciudad Guzmán), Colima and the port of Manzanillo.

The contract is an example of how Banobras wants to replace the old operating methods of its toll roads for a more modern system, with greater control of processes and a clear orientation to providing a service for users, where the payment of the agents involved does not depend on the quantity of services, but on their quality and improvement.

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