Ineco Tifsa and the RACC (Royal Automobile Club of Catalonia) present the report "Congestion in the Access Corridors to Madrid".


Ineco Tifsa, through the Aula Carlos Roa and the RACC, presented at its Madrid headquarters the report "Congestion in the Access Corridors to Madrid", prepared by the Royal Automobile Club of Catalonia.

Antonio Monfort, General Manager of Ineco Tifsa, Sebastián Salvadó, Chairman of the RACC and Javier Alejandre, Assistant General Manager for Highways at the Ministry of Public Works, opened the presentation.

Xavier Abadía, Mobility Project Manager of the RACC, presented the report, which analyses vehicle saturation levels in the main access corridors to Madrid. The RACC proposes ten solutions to the congestion of these accesses in which it estimates the time lost by users at 329,000 hours.

Antonio Monfort also moderated the round table, which featured the participation of Jesús Rubio, Highways Planning Manager at the Ministry of Public Works, Federico C. Fernández, Assistant General Manager for Traffic and Mobility at the Traffic Department, José Manuel Pradillo, Managing Director of the Madrid Regional Transport Consortium and Casimiro Iglesias, Consultancy Manager at Ineco Tifsa.

The event attracted a large number of participants, representing every area of the highways sector.

Through this conference, Ineco Tifsa and Aula Carlos Roa join forces with the RACC to contribute towards improving road safety.

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