Ineco to collaborate with Ecuador’s Water authority


Ineco, engineering company of the group of companies related to the Spanish Ministry of Public Works, is to collaborate with the National Secretary of the Water of Ecuador (Senagua) on the revision and standardisation of the water usage rights and exploitation concessions, and on the inventory of safe water managing councils and sewage and irrigation councils, aside from the development and scheduling of the National Irrigation and Drainage Plan.

With this agreement, Ineco establishes its position in the water resources sector in Ecuador, proposing a model of collaborative and sustainable management, with the double goal of updating and optimising the user concessionary system and of improving the existing problems derived from an inefficient exploitation of water for domestic and agricultural usage.

With a span of 12 months, the agreement will entail the involvement of specialists of different fields, and the permanent dedication of a significant team in Quito. The multidisciplinary profile of the work group will be paramount for the success of such a highly-anticipated and necessary project for the socioeconomic development of the Republic of Ecuador.

Ineco has been collaborating with Senagua since 2013 on the technical and methodological supervision of the studies to carry out the National Plan of Integrated and Integral Management of the Water Resources of the Hydrographic River Basins and Micro Basins.

Ineco’s experience in the country includes a significant project portfolio among which are noteworthy the Strategic Mobility Plan, which encompasses the whole territory and all transport modes, or the technical, legal and financial framing for the road concession between Santo Domingo and Esmeraldas.

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