Ineco seeks new opportunities in Ecuador


The president of Ineco, Jesús Silva, met in Ecuador with the Minister of Transport and Public Works, Walter Solís, and the Minister of Urban Development and Housing, María de los Ángeles Duarte, in addition to top representatives of Ecuadorian transport and infrastructure management companies.

With important projects in the country and some intriguing prospects for infrastructure development, Ecuador remains an enclave of great importance for the company. The president also took the opportunity during his trip to strengthen relations with the National Secretary of Water, for whom we are developing the revision and regularisation of the right of use concessions and water use, the inventory of drinking water, sewage systems, and irrigation management boards, as well as the development and programming of the National Irrigation and Drainage Plan.

Ineco has considerable experience in Ecuador where important projects have already been carried out such as the Strategic Mobility Plan (PEM), which encompasses the whole territory and all modes of transport. Ineco is also currently involved in other contracts such as the inspection of expansion work on the Pifo-Papallacta road as well as the design of the Manta Port terminal.

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