Ineco implements the Master Plan for Comprehensive Waste Management in Quito


Ineco, in conjunction with Tragsatec, is going to implement the Master Plan for Comprehensive Solid Waste Management for the Metropolitan District of Quito (Ecuador). This consultancy work forms part of the Technical Cooperation Agreement between the Municipal Town Hall of the Metropolitan District of Quito and the Andean Development Corporation (CAF).

The Plan, which will be carried out in four months’ time, will establish policies to manage sustainable processes which fall under environmental legislation and guarantee efficient and effective services for citizens, in terms of solid waste management. This work includes developing waste management models, preparing a legal framework and carrying out a financial analysis of the present situation.

Recently, the Panamanian government also entrusted Ineco with the implementation of its National Plan for the Collection and Treatment of Solid Waste.

Ineco has a great deal of prior experience in Ecuador, having carried out important projects there such as reviewing and standardizing the right to use and harness water for Senagua, auditing the enlargement of the Pito-Pallacta road and designing the terminal for the Port of Manta. Furthermore, the company was charged with designing Ecuador’s Strategic Plan of Mobility (PEM), encompassing the entire country and all modes of transport.

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