Ineco signs a new contract in Ecuador


Ineco will conduct the feasibility study for the future logistics platform “Zona ILCO” (“ILCO Area”), thanks to a contract recently signed with the Decentralised Autonomous Municipal Government of Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas in Ecuador. The project boasts the participation of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the Ecuador’s National Development Bank (BDE after its name in Spanish).

The implementation of logistics platforms is recognised as a key factor to boost Ecuador’s competitiveness nationally and at regional and local level, which can be seen in the various public and private efforts made to drive the development of logistical infrastructure as part of national strategies.

The study conducted by Ineco will position this logistics platform as a centre for national and international distribution for the goods produced and consumed in the region, lending the province modern, advanced logistical equipment that will contribute positively to its sustainable socioeconomic development.

The company will add to the study its advanced methodology for planning logistics centres in technical, economic and organisational aspects, with the aim of creating infrastructure in which services of high added value will be rendered.


Ineco has considerable experience in planning in Ecuador with projects of special relevance such as the Strategic Mobility Plan (SMP), which spans the entire territory and all modes of transport.

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