Solutions: products and services
Ineco offers integral, innovative and sustainable solutions in all phases of the project.



From pre-feasibility studies to commissioning, we are able to find global solutions to improve people's mobility and digitise our environment.


More than 50 years of previous experience allow us to tackle particularly complex developments thanks to a multidisciplinary team that enables us to meet the challenges of today's mobility and digitalisation and pioneering the future.


Digital Administration

We bring our wide experience for its implementation in public administrations.

Smart products

Our mission is to take new technologies to the world of engineering and transport. This is why we are pioneers in the practical application of Big Data, Machine/Deep learning, augmented reality, IoT, etc.


Ineco’s commitment is reflected in our more than 15 years of research, development and implementation of the ERTMS in Spain and Europe, which has made us one of the leading engineering firms in the sector.


Ineco offers comprehensive and innovative solutions for all phases of transport development.


We see design as an essential part of the lifecycle of infrastructure. Our objective is always to provide the best technical alternative.


Experts at offering the best solutions for managing the construction of transport infrastructure.


We manage the transfer of all new infrastructure, developing the systems needed for its proper functioning.


Ineco monitors infrastructure and its installations, and conducts inspections, studies or technical reports for their proper maintenance.


At Ineco we are non-conformists by nature. We always go one step further to reach where nobody else has.


We plan, coordinate and implement the necessary works to guarantee transfer of the new airport infrastructure in place, with the appropriate organisation and resources and optimising economic results.

Rolling stock

Ineco has considerable experience in providing assistance to operators of railway rolling stock, urban or high speed transport, with a number of references both nationally and internationally.


As a company on the cutting edge of the use of BIM in Spain, at Ineco, we are leading the implementation of this methodology in the country.

Project Management

Ineco is specialized in the integrated management of projects, offering turnkey solutions to its clients to optimize all processes.