We provide engineering and consulting capabilities for the development and management of the transportation systems that make up today's mobility, as well as for the digitalisation of public administration.


These capabilities extend to all sectors: urban transport, railway, aeronautics (including air transport, airports and air navigation), maritime, road and building, as well as the digital transformation sector.


The excellent quality of the work carried out and its technical complexity constitute a solid experience for the international projection of Ineco, which is present on all continents.



Planning transport systems, managing mobility, structuring work, thinking globally.


Our aim is to minimise the impact of infrastructure on the territory and on society, protecting biodiversity and reducing pollution and noise pollution.


The increasing use of new information and communication technologies in the daily lives of citizens and companies and in their relations with the government is already a reality.

Urban transport

Developing fast, safe underground networks, recovering the light rail and the tram, designing hubs where there will be millions of people.


Railways are an essential mode of transport in a sustainable, strong and competent transport system.


Optimising air transport to improve the mobility of citizens is a challenge to take on hand-in-hand with an expert company.


Structuring the port system, as one of the main hubs of the supply chain for the transport of goods, ensuring sustainability, intermodality with the railway and road, and financial profitability.

Air Navigation

At Ineco we offer solutions to future air traffic demands by defining and validating new concepts in operations and organisation and design of air space.


Linking cities, bringing people together fast, comfortably and safely. That is the aim of a high-quality road network.


Our buildings are a continuation of the quality of our transport systems. Model constructions in terms of innovation, design and intermodality.