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Before you can submit bids to Ineco, you must first register in the Suppliers section.

To be eligible for Ineco's tenders, you must first register in the Suppliers section. In the Tenders section you can consult the published Tenders, their status and the last awarded files.

If you have any doubts or queries regarding this section, please contact Ineco's Purchasing Department at compras@ineco.com

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Ineco has the status of independent body of the General State Administration, including the various Ministerial Departments and administrative bodies, as well as the contracting authorities of the General State Administration, in accordance with the provisions of Article 32 of Law 9/2017, of November 8, 2017, on Public procurement Contracts and Law 40/2015, of October 1, 2015, on the regulating the status of Public Sector.

The sectors of activity in which it is able to perform services under contract are all those listed in article 2 of the company's bylaws.

Ineco also has the status of associated company of those public sector entities for which it meets the requirements of article 18 of Royal Decree-Law 3/2020 of 4 February on urgent measures transposing into Spanish law various European Union directives in the field of public procurement in certain sectors; private insurance; pension plans and funds; taxation and tax litigation.

Ineco publishes all tenders in the State procurement website (www.contrataciondelestado.es).They are published on this page for information purposes only.