Railways are an essential mode of transport in a sustainable, strong and competent transport system.

In Spain we have one of the best and most thorough high speed and conventional train networks. Ineco has been an active participator in its development, having been present at all stages of its lifecycle: planning, conceptual and construction design, construction supervision, operating and maintenance, and as a comprehensive engineering company it took care of all the structural subsystems: infrastructure, energy, signalling and rolling stock.


This experience enabled us to work on all five continents and position ourselves as one of the leading companies abroad. Projects such as the high speed rail in Saudi Arabia between Makkah and Madinah are the greatest testament to our work.

«Our wide experience in railway works is contributed to all our projects, which gives us a great competitive advantage»
Javier Carabaño
Luis Miguel Fernández
Montserrat Álvarez