A reference engineering and consultancy company in sustainable mobility and digital transformation

For 55 years, Ineco has been developing comprehensive, innovative and technological solutions which have allowed to advance towards a new model of mobility that is more sustainable and safe. Ineco’s solutions directly contribute to improving the quality of life of millions of people.

With a multidisciplinary team of 5,500 professionals, the company is present in all the continents, in which it deploys its experience and capacity to undertake challenging projects. All this, thanks to its specialized knowledge and the implementation of state-of-the-art technology. 


Our high-level technological knowledge brings advanced solutions to the projects we work in.



This is our company’s history. More than 50 years that have led us to establish ourselves as what we are today: a global reference in engineering and consultancy that offers comprehensive solutions in over 50 countries and all continents





Committed to sustainable mobility and digital transformation.

Ineco's value is its people. 5,500 professionals, specialised in engineering and consultancy, who work to promote solutions at the service of society. Ineco's corporate culture is based on communication, trusting relationships and support for our professionals. A vision shared by the entire organisation that unifies our way of acting and relating to each other.

A fresh impulse

The company faces 2023 with the elaboration of a new strategic framework that will allow it to set the objectives and goals to be achieved in the next 3 years.

A fresh impulse based on the company's main value: its human capital. The priority objective is to continue advancing in a new business model that is committed to stability, work-life balance and the professional development of its teams. And, all of this, to continue offering the best service to the General State Administration, in general, and to the group of bodies and entities linked to the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and the Urban Agenda, in particular. And also, to continue contributing to the internationalisation of the important capabilities of the Spanish productive sector in the fields of sustainable mobility and digital transformation.

Do you want to know your goals? A fresh impulse

Agenda for Sustainable Development

On September 25, 2015, at the historic Sustainable Development Summit in New York, world leaders from 193 countries adopted a set of global goals to eradicate poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all over the next 15 years (2015-2030) as part of a new Agenda for Sustainable Development (Agenda 2030). The commitment includes governments, public companies, private companies and citizens.

This Agenda is defined around 17 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) associated with 169 targets and more than 200 indicators that are the basis that will guide diplomacy and efforts for Sustainable Development.

Ineco Agenda 2030 Plan

At Ineco, we join this challenge and we are committed to the 2030 Agenda and the 17 SDGs:

  • By disseminating information and raising awareness among our employees with a call to action

  • Disseminating information about the 2030 Agenda to third parties

  • Supporting with our strategy and corporate responsibility to contribute to this challenge

To achieve its commitment, Ineco structures this plan into six specific programs: Equality, Work-Life Balance, Sustainability, Solidarity, Compliance and Alliances.

Corporate social responsibility
Transport and its infrastructure have a direct impact on the progress of societies.

Aware of this, Ineco includes among its commitments the desire to contribute in the strongest possible way to the development and improvement of society, by integrating into its management and strategy care for the social, labor and environmental surroundings through Corporate Responsibility.

This commitment is reflected in initiatives such as the signing up to the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact; or the Standards of Integrity, Transparency and Commitment, which sets out the principles by which the company is governed and the model implemented in its management.

Ineco has a set of Integrity, Transparency and Commitment Standards which comprehends the company’s policies, guidelines and procedures to ensure its ethical behavior and that of its stakeholders. Ineco also has an Organisation and Management Model for Crime Prevention which deals with actions that could be deemed unlawful, by means of a Compliance Committee.


Management System

Committed to excellence, information protection and confidentiality, customer satisfaction, safety and health of its professionals, all this, always framed by care and protection of the environment.

Ineco is committed to excellence in the management of the services that it offers, with the aim of promoting the development of its work under conditions of economic, social and environmental sustainability, in order to achieve maximum satisfaction of its clients and shareholders.

We are committed to occupational safety and health, with the aim of avoiding and preventing accidents and/or harm to health, providing a safe and healthy environment to achieve the highest level of well-being for all of our staff.

Our commitment includes guaranteeing the information security in all of Ineco's internal processes, as well as the right to data protection of all individuals related to the organisation.