Capacity and flow management is a key element of air navigation services provision. EUROCONTROL has developed NEST software to support this function. For more than 20 years, Ineco has been carrying out studies on this field including sectors configuration design, traffic flows optimisation and operational scenarios analysis for best ATCO assignment to shifts.

1. Welcome
Víctor Bustos

2. Introduction
Javier Luengo (presenter)

3. Block 1. A brief description of the Eurocontrol Nest tool
Mariano Rubio (speaker)
An overview to its interface and the main parts of the software. Description of the most important features of the Nest tool, trying to highlight the main benefits of Nest from the operational point of view.

4. Block 2. NEST use cases
Paloma Montero (speaker)
Brief description of some use cases related to the modeling and analysis of airspace optimization/modification Ineco projects with NEST.

5. Block 3. Enhancing NEST with INECO’s know-how
Lara Sánchez (speaker)
A conceptual outline of some projects and activities of interest to the different stakeholders of the aeronautical sector, where NEST as well as some other Ineco expertise fields (ATM/Air Navigation/Airports, B2B NM files, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence…) played an essential role.

6. Conclusions and questions

Víctor Bustos


Master in Air Transport Systems and Aerospace Engineer with 25 years of experience in the sector, 20 of them as project and team manager within the organizational structure of Ineco and current deputy director of Aerospace Systems of the company.

Javier Luengo


Javier Luengo is a Technical Aeronautical Engineer by the Polytechnical University of Madrid. He has worked in Ineco the last 25 years and has collaborated with the development of en route and approach air traffic operations, mainly in Spain with Enaire. He has also participated in European projects with Eurocontrol and projects in Morocco and Egypt. He is currently the project manager of the Air Traffic Operations area at Ineco.

Mariano Rubio

Mariano Rubio has a degree on Aeronautical Engineering by the Polytechnical University of Madrid. He has worked in Ineco since the year 2000, mainly dedicated to demand capacity balance, ATFM issues and sizing of air traffic controllers shifts. He has participated in European projects like the Single European Sky taking part on the operational group of FABEC (Functional Airspace Block for Spain and Portugal). Nowadays he is collaborating in SESAR projects related to the new collaborative interface between UTM and ATM and supporting en-route operations of Enaire.

Paloma Montero


Paloma Montero has a degree on Aeronautical Management by the Universidad Autonoma of Madrid. With more than 13 years of experience in the Airspace Navigation environment, mainly dedicated in the analysis of operational scenarios and network performance for the Spanish ANSP, ENAIRE. She has participated in European projects such as INTERACTIONS and many projects of the SESAR program related to AFUA, TAM, DAC, CDO/CCO.

Currently she is contributing to the free route implementation project, HISPAFRA, and supporting the en-route operations of ENAIRE.

Lara Sánchez


Lara C. Sánchez holds a bachelor and MSc in Aerospace Engineering, together with a MSc in Design of Flight Procedures and vocational training in Innovation and Decision Making.

In her short experience, she has worked in different enterprises of the aeronautical sector such as Airbus (Supply Chain Quality Management for Aerostructures) and Ineco, where she keeps developing her career in the field of Air Traffic Management.

Nowadays, she participates in international (SESAR - Flight Centric, ISOBAR) and national projects (ENAIRE ATENEA Program for Barcelona),


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