"Ineco believes in equality"

This is Ineco's commitment to Equality.

Selection and Hiring

To maintain transparent selection processes, encouraging greater participation of women in areas with lower female representation

Even though only 25% of the college students undertaking Engineering or Architecture degrees are women, female employment in our company is close to 38%.

In this regard, the aim is to continue to evaluate candidates on the basis of merit and professional worth, eliminating any potential element of discrimination in the selection processes and thereby encouraging, whenever possible, the hiring of women in the areas where they are less present.

How are we going to do that? 

We have designed the implementation of a series of positive actions that will allow us to overcome the barrier of 40% female employment at Ineco. We will make an effort to boost the hiring of victims of gender-based violence.

Communication and increased awareness

To foster a culture of information, communication and increased awareness of equality issues

The aim is to communicate and raise awareness about the content and objectives of Equality among all Ineco employees.

How are we going to do that?

In the same vein, and within the framework of our commitment to maintain an active listening with all the teams that make up the company, the employee's mailbox incorporates a specific space on equality, where proposals and concerns in this area can be provided, providing response and solution within a period of less than one month.

Throughout our internal communication channels we shall spread and share items on the matter, opening a specific “active listening” line, where we will collect and give answer to all concerns and proposals received. 



To continue promoting a training policy based on equal treatment and equal opportunities

Ineco is a company with a high level of commitment to the training of its teams. In this sense, it is worth noting that over 140,000 annual hours are dedicated to this end. Our objective is: To maintain a balanced level of training between women and men present in the organization, since training is one of the basic pillars of professional and personal development.

How are we going to do that?

By providing the company as a whole with specific training on equality and conciliation, as well as on the availability to reporting channels in the event of moral, sexual or gender-based harassment.

Besides, our induction program "OnBoarding", aimed at all of Ineco’s new recruits, will feature a specific module regarding equality on all in-person sessions.

Our pioneering Mujeres In program will be continued. This is a knowledge exchange and transference space which aims to give visibility and power to the role of women in our company.

Professional Development

To promote equality in professional development within the company

The promotion of equality in the professional development of all Ineco workers, improving, to the greatest degree possible, the promotion of women in those areas with lower female representation, will be boosted.

How are we going to do that?

By guaranteeing to continue to offer equal opportunities to men and women in the access to internal promotions of vacancies that arise, taking into account the experience and knowledge of the workers, as well as maintaining programmes for job description, evaluation and identification of potential that make it possible to identify and promote talent and manage it through professional career paths, regardless of gender.

In order to be able to monitor and continuously improve the procedure, half-yearly evaluations will be carried out gathering information on the promotions carried out in the company.

Work-Life balance and Co-Responsability

To continue to implement measures that promote co-responsibility to balance the personal, family and working lives of all staff

The aim is to strengthen the measures implemented in the Concilia Plan, identifying possible new areas of action that contribute to the balance between personal, family and work lives.

How are we going to do that?

By reinforcing information on existing work-life balance rights so that they are accessible to all staff and ensuring that people who take advantage of work-life balance measures will continue to have the same opportunities in their professional careers.

We will continue to guarantee that people who choose to follow a different working day do not see their career development undermined, nor their opportunities for promotion and advancement, remuneration and access to training.

Remuneration policy

To promote equal pay between women and men for carrying out work of equal value

The objective is: To reduce the global wage gap. Talent knows no gender and salaries should not, therefore, know it either.

How are we going to do that? 

By guaranteeing the principle of equal pay in the policies implemented in the areas of fixed pay, variable pay and assignment of social benefits, as well as the measurement of fulfilment of the quantitative indicators.

The objective is the progressive reduction of the existing global pay gap. An annual reduction of at least half a point will be guaranteed

Occupationa health and Preventio of moral, sexual or gender-based harassment and gender-based violence

To prevent and correct any behaviour or action that could lead to signs of harassment in the workplace, as well as to spread information, apply and review the legally established rights for women who are victims of gender violence and strengthen the gende

The objective is to guarantee an atmosphere of respect among all Ineco employees, preventing and, if necessary, eradicating any behavior that reveals harassment in the workplace. In addition, it aims to offer protection to women who are victims of gender-based violence and to respond to the needs and physical, psychological, biological and social characteristics of workers.

How are we going to do it?

Maintaining commitments in terms of information, prevention, mediation and suppression of conduct in terms of harassment in the workplace, as well as establishing an internal procedure, agile and simple, surrounded by the guarantees of confidentiality and protection that the matter requires. In addition, a specific document on gender violence will be designed and disseminated internally to include all the labor rights associated with it.

Informing all staff through the internal media of the measures provided for equality, applicable to workers who are victims of gender violence.

Likewise, and in line with this commitment, Ineco has launched the Horizon Program, aimed at raising awareness about gender violence and helping women who suffer it to access the labour market, thanks to its collaboration with various associations that help victims, which will propose candidates to Ineco with profiles that are ad-hoc to the needs of vacant positions. Click here to find out more.

Among other actions, the company makes available to the entire team the Protocol of Action against Sexual Harassment on the grounds of Sex, Gender or Sexual Orientation, which aims to prevent and, where appropriate, eradicate all conduct that reveals sexual harassment on the grounds of sex, gender or sexual orientation in the workplace, defining the specific guidelines that allow us to identify a situation of harassment, in order to eliminate any type of discrimination, trying at all times, the guarantee of the rights of the victims through an agile and simple internal procedure that guarantees in any case, the confidentiality of the parties involved. 

Evolution and Monitoring

Monitoring is an essential tool for analysing the development of the Equality Plan. It makes it possible to determine the degree to which it is working and to increase the flexibility of its contents in order to adapt it to the needs

Monitoring is an essential tool in order to analyse equality actions. For this, evaluation mechanisms that make it possible for us to know the level of satisfaction that is being achieved, as well as the impact it has had on the functioning of the company and its staff will be established.

How are we going to do that?

By carrying out an annual review of the indicators established for each measure in order to assess the impact of each one. As a result, a report will be prepared with the conclusions, which will be submitted to the Equality Commission for its information.