Interview with Sergio Garrido

Sergio Garrido

Sergio Garrido

Sergio Garrido is computer engineer and has been in charge of managing IT-related projects since he joined the company in 2022. Recently, he has published “Inteligencia artificial para niños… y no tan niños", a book with which you can learn more about this technology in a didactic and fun way.

Sergio Garrido Barrientos

But... how do they use to call you at home?
The truth is that they have never used diminutives or other names, they have always called me Sergio.

What do you do at Ineco?
I am a computer engineer in the IT Deputy Directorate. My main focus is on IT project management. Right now, I have projects for ADIF, ENAIRE and the Ministry of Transport. In addition, I often take part in talks for employment forums, universities or study centres and I am part of some working groups within Ineco.

When did you join the company?
I have been working at Ineco since January 2022, so more than two years with the company. Although it was not my first experience at Ineco, since between 2008 and 2016 I was also working for Ineco, but as a collaborator and within the corporate IT area.

You have just published “Inteligencia artificial para niños… y no tan niños". Can you tell us how this new book came about?
My interest in computing led me to write several books on the subject, aimed at both children and adults, which were and still are very well received. A little over a year ago, I saw how artificial intelligence was becoming a media and social phenomenon, and I set out to create a fun and educational resource to introduce children to this exciting field. That is how my project was born.

How can we get the book?
The book is available for sale on the Amazon website.

Already have the next one in mind?
Writing a book is not easy, it requires a lot of dedication and planning. That's why, before I start writing, I like to reflect on my ideas and assess whether they have the potential to become a publishable work. I don't have much free time so I try to be clear about what I'm going to write so that it's worthwhile and readers will like it. I have some ideas in mind, but nothing concrete yet.

How do you see the work we are carrying out in the company in terms of Artificial Intelligence?
I was at the presentation of Ineco's AI, and I think a lot of progress is being made on this issue. As part of an innovative and forward-thinking company, we have the opportunity and the responsibility to rise to this challenge and show that our professionals are able to lead the AI sector. I am confident that 2024 will be a key year to consolidate and enhance artificial intelligence within our organisation.

What would you highlight about the company?
What I value most about Ineco is its human capital. I have been lucky enough to work with colleagues who are professional, responsible and excellent people, which makes the work more pleasant and efficient. I also like the projects we carry out; they are of a high standard and have a great social impact. In addition, I believe that Ineco is a company that takes care of its employees and gives them opportunities for growth and visibility through different activities, such as interviews, talks, etc. This shows that Ineco has a corporate culture that is committed to talent and innovation. I am most pleased to be part of this company