Did you know Ineco is working on the protection and recovery of the Mar Menor?

Within the framework of the priority actions to recover the Mar Menor of the Ministry for Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge, which establishes a scheme of projects and interventions aimed at recovering the biological integrity of the lagoon, Ineco has been carrying out, since July 2022, the management and technical control of the works, health and safety coordination, environmental monitoring and dissemination tasks for the project "Hydrological forest restoration to reduce the risk of flooding and improve the environment in the wadis of the Sierra Minera at Cartagena", promoted by the Segura Hydrographic Confederation.

Among the main tasks, the construction of 60 dykes and two large areas of bank protection with breakwater in the wadis, with the aim of flood abatement to reduce the risk of flooding, and, in addition, to retain sediments from mining and agriculture, thus preventing their massive arrival in the Mar Menor during episodes of heavy rainfall. These works have been backed up by biodiversity enhancement measures, actions carried out in the framework of Ecosystem Based Adaptation (in Spanish, EBA), with the seeding of resistant plant species, installation of nesting boxes for insectivorous birds, bat shelters, insect hotels, nesting boxes for medium-sized predatory birds and small birds, and the construction of several amphibian ponds. The area of action covers various sections of the Rambla de Las Matildes, Rambla del Beal, Barranco de Ponce and Rambla de la Carrasquilla, in the municipality of Cartagena.

The aim of these actions is to reduce the contribution of polluting sediments to the Mar Menor, mainly from the extinct mining activities in the Sierra Minera de Cartagena, and to promote the assimilation by the environment of agricultural surpluses, as well as integrated pest control, in order to improve the environmental situation of this unique area.

Ineco will continue to support the Project Management in the control and supervision of the planned maintenance work, as well as in the monitoring of the performance of the civil works executed.

Ineco's commitment to the recovery of the Mar Menor and to the aforementioned "Framework of Priority Actions" of the Ministry for Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge is total. This is a first joint collaboration, but there are many more planned in the near future.