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Design of flight procedures and airspace organisation
Experts in airspace restructuring

56,000 km in length

Horizon 2030

9 european routes

Over the years, Ineco has acquired extensive experience in the field of airspace design and organisation. Within the design of flight procedures, the activities related to this field focus on the design, updating and revision of the physical architecture of the airspace in response to the needs detected during the operation of the system or in future planned developments.

Our company is an EASA-certified entity for the design of flight procedures. Our services are open to any airspace user and we are committed to incorporating their feedback through regular consultation processes (

Furthermore, in the field of aeronautical easements, Ineco has equipped itself with the most advanced tools for the analysis of radioelectric and operational obstacle limiting surfaces as an effective instrument for identifying, restricting or eliminating possible obstacles to air navigation in order to preserve its safety.

The combination of this high degree of knowledge with the most advanced technology (design and modelling tools, genetic algorithms and accelerated time simulators) means that Ineco is qualified to detect inefficiencies and opportunities for improvement in any ATS unit and to design and validate a new airspace (route network, flight procedures and sectorisation) and provide the necessary support for its implementation.

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Location: Spain
Execution period: Since 1996
Market: Air Navigation

Specialists in flight procedure design

We are experts in:

  • Calculation, design and preparation of aeronautical charts for the publication of procedures based on PBN, GNSS GBAS and vertically guided approaches (APV SBAS).
  • Feasibility studies; restructuring of Terminal Area Airspace (TMA, implementation of instrument approach procedures in low visibility conditions ILS CAT II/III and implementation of simultaneous operations to parallel or near parallel runways.
  • Design and validation of the network of sector elementary volumes that will make it possible to form the different ATC sectors using proprietary methodologies based on genetic algorithms.
  • Quantitative and qualitative evaluation of any airspace scenario under the concept of current or future operation (e.g. SESAR project) using accelerated time simulation techniques (RAMS+, SIMMOD, etc.).
  • Analysis and studies of infringements on aeronautical easements and obstacle limitation surfaces caused by existing obstacles or specific buildings and planned urban developments.

Our expertise

Within the multitude of actions that Ineco has carried out, we can highlight the restructuring of the TMA within the Barajas Plan, Barcelona Plan or Malaga Plan or any improvement of airspace in all Spanish airports.

Internationally, it is worth highlighting its participation in the reorganisation of airspace in Morocco, in the design of the future Egyptian airspace, in the improvement of air systems and operations at Fujairah Airport, in the design of flight procedures at the airports of the Sultanate of Oman and in the design of flight procedures for Changi Airport (Singapore).