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Acoustic Protection Project for the new Levante High Speed Railway Access
Ineco, a leading company in the acoustic analysis of infrastructures

62 km acoustically evaluated

3120 buildings analyzed

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The study of effects and noise impact protection is part of the actions corresponding to the New High Speed Railway Access to Levante, Madrid-Castilla La Mancha-Comunidad Valenciana. In particular, the purpose of the project is to define the acoustic protection works for the Monforte del Cid - Murcia section, and it does not include the definition of the platform layout or the track assembly.

Therefore, the purpose of the project is, exclusively, the design of the acoustic screens, including their foundations and/or anchoring to structures of the railway platform, with the degree of detail required for the correct execution of the works and with the minimum possible cost that complies with the acoustic regulations.

The proposed corrective measures comply with the acoustic limits defined in the Environmental Impact Statements applicable to the different sections, as well as in the current regulations in the study area.

To evaluate the receptors where the maximum permitted noise levels would potentially be exceeded, an acoustic study was carried out to evaluate the potential noise impact in an area of 200 meters around the alignment under study, both in the current scenario and in the “horizon” year.

For each of the receptors where a potential exceedance of the established limits is foreseen, acoustic screens have been evaluated and defined to achieve compliance with these limits.

A total of 131 acoustic screens have been designed with a total length of 11,379 meters and a total area of 45,412m2, including 2 methacrylate screens, 8 double-absorption metal screens, 7 mixed screens and 114 metal screens.

This type of project positions Ineco as a committed company improving the acoustic quality of infrastructures.

Data Sheet
Location: Spain
Client: Adif
Execution period: 2018-2021
Market: Environment

A key line that is integrated in the Mediterranean Railway Corridor

The Levante Railway Access is already built and is part of the Corridor that connects the Madrid-Albacete-Valencia High Speed Line, in the area of La Encina, with Alicante and Murcia, becoming part of the Mediterranean Railway Corridor. The Monforte del Cid-Murcia section is 61.7 km long, of which 46.2 km are located in the province of Alicante and the remaining 15.5 km are in Murcia.

At present, this infrastructure does not provide high-speed service and is used by conventional railway for long-distance, regional trains, local and freight trains on part of its route (San Isidro station and the Orihuela - Murcia route).

Its commissioning will connect Elche, Vega Baja and Murcia to the high-speed rail network.