As a company on the cutting edge of the use of BIM in Spain, at Ineco, we are leading the implementation of this methodology in the country.

The BIM methodology represents a true technological revolution for the production chain and management of building construction and infrastructure. This tool makes it possible to build more efficiently, reducing costs while at the same time allowing project designers, construction companies and the other agents involved to work collaboratively.

Ineco has an expert team that has already successfully demonstrated its capabilities on projects for stations, airports and other infrastructure, both in Spain and beyond our borders. We provide solutions for every stage of the life cycle and we advise clients on the introduction of the BIM methodology in their tender, follow-up and training processes


«BIM methodology is a true technological revolution for the production chain and the management of building and infrastructure. This tool allows to build in a manner that is more efficient, reducing costs in a collaborative way»
Jorge Torrico