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BIM in Linear Infrastructure
Digitalización de los proyectos en todas sus fases

Plan for the implementation of the BIM methodology

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The execution of a study and drafting of a plan for the implementation of the BIM methodology in special linear work projects (bridges and tunnels) were carried out. This project consists of 4 phases:

  • Phase 1: Study of existing workflows.
  • Phase 2: Proposal for adaptation to the BIM.
  • Phase 3: Implementation of the methodology through a pilot project.
  • Phase 4: Monitoring of pilot projects.

Thanks to the procedure developed, it will be possible to identify the phases of the life cycles of the assets in which the inclusion of BIM is considered necessary, the people responsible for carrying it out, the software used, the communication flows between this software and the input documentation (models, documents...).

Data Sheet
Location: Spain
Client: Ineco
Execution period: 2017 - actualidad
Market: Planning

New technologies

The goal is to define and develop BIM standards for the digitalisation of linear infrastructure in order to integrate the BIM methodology into the design, construction, and subsequent operation and maintenance of linear infrastructure.

This digitalisation is applicable to the different phases of linear infrastructure projects (design, construction, operation and maintenance), as well as to the different elements involved in this type of project (tunnels, viaducts, levelling, drainage, road surfaces, etc.)