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Integrated solution for analysing the operation of railway lines


Applied successfully to more than 30


Proprietary R&D solution under continous improvement

Partial financing from CDTI

  • Cronos

Ineco has developed the Cronos integrated solution to plan and design the exploitation of railway lines

Ineco has developed the integrated solution Cronos, a tool for planning and designing the operation of railway lines from the alignment phase through the signalling stages to the planning of grids.

CRONOS supports the complete life cycle of railway line planning by maintaining the visibility of all the areas involved in the latest version, so that calculations can be revised to include the particular details introduced by the designs conducted in parallel, thus facilitating cross-company communication.

Data Sheet
Location: Spain
Client: Various
Execution period: 2009-2012
Market: Railways

Ineco has also made extensive use of the CRONOS platform to provide solutions for other types of linear infrastructure, such as roads.