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Supervising Agent Guadalajara-Colima highway
An efficient highway for Mexico


148 km route

Daily transit of 10,000 vehicles

28% heavy transport

14 years of supervision

Extension to 4 lanes

  • Supervising Agent Guadalajara-Colima highway
  • Supervising Agent Guadalajara-Colima highway
  • Supervising Agent Guadalajara-Colima highway
  • Supervising Agent Guadalajara-Colima highway
  • Supervising Agent Guadalajara-Colima highway
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Ineco is in charge of the supervision of the highway for 14 years.

Mexico has made a decisive commitment to improving its extensive road network, essential for connecting this vast country extending over almost 2 million km².

One of the key factors in achieving this goal is the modernisation of the management of its highways, as in the case of the road from Guadalajara to Colima route, for which Ineco has developed a new management model and will act as its Administrative Supervising Agent.

Data Sheet
Location: Mexico
Execution period: 2011- 2025
Market: Roads

Essential logistical corridor


The Guadalajara-Colima highway is part of the main Manzanillo-Tampico transport corridor which is strategically important for Mexico’s commercial development.This stretch of road is 148 km long and connects Guadalajara, Mexico’s second city in terms of population and importance, with the town of la Colima, also facilitating communications with Manzanillo, the main port on the Mexican Pacific coast.

Every day, up to 10,000 vehicles travel along this section of highway, and 28% of that traffic is heavy goods transport.

The highway currently has four lanes, with two lanes in each direction, for most of the route. Work has begun on a 22 kilometers intermediate section, which still has only two lanes, and it is planned to make the whole stretch a four lane highway by the end of 2014.

The work already completed and currently planned will considerably reduce travelling time, and will serve a number of towns along the route with a total of over 500,000 inhabitants.

Highway control


In 2011, Ineco, heading a joint venture with other Spanish and Mexican companies, was awarded the contract to supervise the highway concession for a 14 year period.

During the concessionary period, Ineco will be accountable to Banobras, the infrastructure trustees, and will be responsible for monitoring and managing operation, and the maintenance and refurbishment contracts for the highway, in addition to providing technical and management support.

Extensive experience


Ineco has made a decisive contribution to developing the Spanish highway network which extends over 165,787 kilometers, 14,262 kilometers of which are high capacity roads, the longest in Europe. Our extensive experience gained in the sector allows us to export our skills and knowledge in these types of infrastructures all over the world.