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Digital transformation of the Justice Administration
Supporting the Ministry of Justice in all stages of the life cycles of its digital administration projects and in the digital transformation of its judicial offices

350 technical staff working

More than 20,000 users


Since 2016, Ineco has been providing Spain’s Ministry of Justice with support in different information and communication technology (ICT) activities, mainly related to electronic judicial administration and the service that the ministry provides to the rest of the Justice Administration.

The Justice Administration has always tried to do away with paper and adapt to new technologies. It has come a long way, but there is still a long way to go, due to its highly complex organisation, among other things.

Data Sheet
Location: Spain
Client: Ministry of Justice
Execution period: 2016 to present
Market: Digitalisation

Principal actions

The support given to the government in the ICT of the Ministry of Justice, with different offices to support project management, control of supplier performance and management of service levels, management of technical training to manage the change as a result of the digital transformation, and business architecture, provides a tool for transversal monitoring and control, with standardized processes and the adoption of an integrated view of the organization.

In turn, the support offices for business processes and development projects provide organized, end-to-end management of each project, from the initial feasibility study to implementation and maintenance. These offices serve as skill centres in each one of the business lines, in order to guarantee the integrated management of the projects or programmes that are generated in each one of the lines.

In this sense, the Development Centre is progressively taking on different developments, in order to centralize the management, construction and maintenance of the corporate platform services and the different applications of the Ministry of Justice, ensuring correct use of its standards, as well as the reuse of components and optimization of resources.

Other services such as the digitization and cataloguing of case files, as well as the review, inspection, proposal of improvements and use of confidential information contained in its databases, in addition to other complementary activities, complete the lines of action of these large contracts.