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SESAR and SESAR 2020: Single European Sky
The common system for air-traffic management in Europe

Participation in over 50 projects

Participation valued at €7 million

  • SESAR Single European Sky
  • SESAR Single European Sky
  • SESAR Single European Sky
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SESAR was the first specific R&D programme for the modernisation and homogenisation of air traffic control in the European Union. This ambitious programme comprises more than 300 projects and is financed equally by the European Commission, Eurocontrol and European Industry, with more than 1.6 billion euros through a Joint Undertaking. The programme was executed between 2009 and 2016. Ineco participated in the Program as an affiliate of its shareholder Enaire, a founding partner of SESAR Joint Undertaking. It participated in all program areas (Route, TMA, Airport and Transversal Areas) as part of more than twenty projects. Ineco played an important role as leader of the WP6, Airport Operations, on behalf of Enaire.

Participation in SESAR has helped keep Ineco on the forefront of developments in the field of Air Navigation and maintain its prestige as an agent in this area at European level.

Ineco is continuing its participation in SESAR 2020, the successor to SESAR, which will run from 2016 to 2022, with Ineco once again playing an important role.


Data Sheet
Location: European Commission
Client: SESAR Joint Undertaking
Execution period: 2010 - 2022
Market: Air Navigation

A step forward for air navigation

Ineco's participation in the development phase of the SESAR programme represents an important achievement in the field of air navigation. The company contributes its experience, both in operations and in R&D projects, in the field of air traffic management (ATM). In addition, Ineco had participated previously, during the SESAR definition phase, in projects related to the environment, human factors, development of the airspace concept and short-term planning of programme implementation activities.