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Technology to be applied in BIM projects

Record keeping of digital transactions​

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The project has involved a study on blockchain technology to be applied in BIM projects as well as to obtain an alternative solution to the certification and digital signature processes being implemented in the Ministry of Justice. 

Blockchain is the name of a technology that enables decentralized and distributed record keeping of digital transactions.  Its use in BIM projects makes it possible to digitally sign projects, support the certification processes and provide them with capacities to protect the knowledge contained in them; and it also offers the Ministry of Justice a solution that is more efficient, cheaper, more reliable and elastic than its current solution and that would allow it to solve its performance problems.

As part of the project, a study was done of public blockchain networks and an analysis of free blockchain implementations was carried out. An application that is capable of signing documents and which can be deployed both on public and private networks was developed. A web application that can be run in a browser and that allows the hosting of BIM files in a blockchain was also developed.

Data Sheet
Location: Spain
Client: Ineco
Execution period: 2017
Market: Planning

New technologies

The development of this project enabled INECO to break into one of the most important emerging technologies in the IT security sector, once again seeking to position itself in an emerging market that will be decisive in the coming years. Blockchain is a disruptive technology with enormous potential. It can provide solutions to a wide variety of problems in a more efficient, transparent and economic way, and has therefore attracted significant interest in sectors such as finance, the public sector and industry.

In the short term, the products obtained from this project will make it possible to offer a digital signature and traceability service for BIM projects and to offer a certification and document signing product.