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Real "smart" cities

IoT platform with flexible architecture

Big Data 

Machine Learning

Compliance with Spain's smart-city standard

In response to the rapid growth of what are known as Smart Cities, Ineco has developed a state-of-the-art IoT platform solution through collaboration with startups. This platform, called cityneco, allows information to be collected from all of the city's sensors and enables the following vertical functions:


  • Smart mobility, where it is a cutting-edge tool that makes it possible to predict what will happen in the city an hour ahead of time and allowing manual or automatic adjustment of the city's different elements/actuators (traffic light cycles, VMS panels, etc.) to resolve problems before they occur.
  • Parking, it also provides a mobile solution (app) that allows the integration of the parking lot sensors or the generation of a flow for the control of the parking lot, using the app itself as a sensor.
  • Surveys, a complete solution (web + app multiplatform) that allows the creation, launching and collection of enriched dynamic surveys, also allowing tracking and combined use with anonymous GPS data.


In addition, since Cityneco conforms to the standards defined in Spain for communication between platforms and smart city objects (stations, airports, buildings, etc.), it can be integrated with other leading vertical solutions on the market or previously available in the clients in which it is implemented.

Data Sheet
Location: Spain
Client: I+D
Execution period: 2017 – 2018
Market: Digitalisation

Total flexibility

Cityneco is flexible in its scaling and can be used in cities or territories of any size thanks to its architecture based on containers (dockers) and microservices. Likewise, it can also be deployed on any cloud provider, adapting to public, hybrid or private clouds.

For more information, you can read more about it here or here.

Far beyond connected cities... Smart Cities.