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There are numerous different navigation and communication systems installed globally



Solution for coverage

simulation systems

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RNAV air navigation procedures are assessed and validated by checking their capabilities (line-of-sight coverage, accuracy, etc.). However their suitability cannot be validated using calibration flights alone, not only because this would be too expensive, but also because it does not allow exhaustive evaluation under all possible conditions.

In 2005 Ineco began design work to lay the groundwork for developing powerful calculation tools that make it possible to run coverage simulations with precision while ensuring the continuity of services being provided. In subsequent years, the company developed two innovation projects along these lines:

  • CoverSAT: considering the GPS constellation as the navigation system of the future, we proposed simulating availability and system continuity capabilities.
  • IMPULSE: Software application that automates analysis of the possible impact of large obstacles (wind turbines, cranes, etc.) on the behaviour of navigation and surveillance systems that work using pulse signals (DME, PSR, SSR and MLAT). This software uses a proprietary and innovative methodology that enhances the quality of our CNS system consulting services.