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New railway complex in Valladolid
Valladolid will have one of the best integrated train maintenance facilities


72 hectares

of total area in the complex


  • New railway complex in Valladolid
  • New railway complex in Valladolid
  • New railway complex in Valladolid
  • New railway complex in Valladolid
  • New railway complex in Valladolid
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Ineco has been working since 2009 on the implementation of the new arterial railway line in Valladolid.

Due to its location, Valladolid and its vicinity have strong links with the railway both in its conventional and high speed modes. In the latter case it is an authentic junction town. To finish the North (Asturias, Cantabria and the Basque Country) and Northwest (Galicia) corridors it was necessary to remodel the entire rail network, eliminating at the same time the barrier effect it generates in the town´s urban area.

The rapid urban growth of Valladolid in recent decades, especially since the advent of the railway, caused a structural conflict precisely between these two sectors. Ever since the arrival of the AVE (HSR) became public knowledge, a study was begun into the possibility of reforming the rail network to make it compatible with urban development and, as a result, improving the railway system of the city and its surroundings.

Data Sheet
Location: Spain
Client: Valladolid Alta Velocidad 2003
Execution period: 2009-2014
Market: Architecture

An ambitious project

Since 2009 Ineco has been carrying out a series of measures necessary for the implementation of the new Trunk Railway Network (TRN) of Valladolid. One of the key elements of this TRN is the new Railway Complex to which the Central repair Workshop, currently located in the urban zone, will be transferred in the first phase.

This workshop will service railway rolling stock on a European scale and will be a benchmark in maintenance and manufacturing operations. It will also be the biggest covered railway yard in Spain with a total area of 77,000 m².

Accessibility and maintenance

In addition to the new workshop the project envisages construction of a new access branch to the complex with three tracks, execution of two overpasses, one viaduct, interior yards, electrification and signalling and communications facilities. A wide variety of ancillary elements will also be installed: a multi-voltage electric substation, purifier, train wash tunnel, diesel fuel dispensers, a hazardous substances warehouse, site development, etc.