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TERRA: Technological European Research for RPAS in ATM
New technologies for the use of drones

1M euros

6 participants in the consortium 

4 countries of the European Union

The EU is trying to implement a flexible, modern regulatory framework to support the development of the drone sector. To this end, the Warsaw Declaration advocated the development of the U-Space concept (to distinguish it from the American UTM), which will allow complex drone operations with a high level of automation that must also be able to be carried out in all types of operational environments, including urban areas.

The main objectives of the project are as follows:

- Identification of requirements: A set of operational and functional requirements will be defined for three representative operational cases of RPAS, taking into account the requirements of the operator, as well as potential impacts on stakeholders.

- Technological applicability: analysis of the applicability of existing CNS / ATM technologies that could be applied to UTM, identification and development of new technologies (e.g. flight trajectory classification by machine learning) and analysis of their applicability, considering the performance provided in both cases.

- Architecture proposal and proof of concept: identification of the most suitable technologies, comparing their performance and applicability with user requirements and definition of a technical architecture, which will be evaluated by means of a pilot programme.

To achieve these objectives, the Consortium comprises several companies that bring complementary expertise in different fields (research, operations, industrial), which cover all elements of the existing terrestrial technologies for UTM. In addition, an Advisory Board of stakeholders and developers has been formed to assist the consortium in identifying requirements and validating the proposals. Lastly, a demonstration of the proposed architecture will be carried out, taking advantage of the existing simulation platforms previously developed by the consortium members.

Data Sheet
Location: European Commission
Client: Comisión Europea
Execution period: 2017-2019
Market: Planning

New technologies
TERRA aims to leverage both existing and potentially usable technologies to develop elements of a U-Space ground architecture that accommodates a large number of RPAS in a mixed (manned and unmanned) operating environment. Ineco is playing an important role as coordinator of the consortium, in which CRIDA and five other European companies and universities are taking part.