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VITE: Virtualization of the testing environment
Reducing costs in ERTMS implementation

11 partners

4 countries

The VITE project is part of the European Commission's R&D sector programme aimed at rail transport: Shift2Rail.

Ineco is leading this project, which is aimed at transferring part of the part of the tests which the European rail traffic management system (ERTMS) must be subjected to the laboratory (virtualization). ERTMS is a technology that still lacks flexibility with regard to authorisation and certification procedures. This project seeks to simplify the needs in the placement of service procedures, which reduces costs for the implementation of new subsystems or new software upgrades.

Data Sheet
Location: European Commission
Client: Comisión Europea
Execution period: 2016-2018
Market: Railways

Facilitating and accelerating ERTMS commissioning through virtual testing in the laboratory

The goal of VITE is to be able to simulate the verification of the functional interoperability of the industrial components of the ERTMS in the laboratory: RBCs (trackside), EVCs (onboard), RAMS and functionality and interfaces.

In order to achieve this, the following specific objectives have been defined:

  • Define a test framework, including optimization of test protocols.
  • Define, develop and demonstrate the laboratory architecture that is required to achieve the principal objective of reducing costs of real-world testing.
  • Validate the proposed methodology and ensure that it fits into the European process for commissioning signalling components and subsystems.