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Airport Regulation Document (DORA)
New regulatory and tariff framework for the Spanish network

Airport supervision and regulation framework 

2017-2021 five-year plan for the Aena airport network

Analysis methodologies


  • Airport Regulation Document (DORA)
  • Airport Regulation Document (DORA)
  • Airport Regulation Document (DORA)
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Law 18/2014, of 15 October, establishes a new framework for airport regulation and supervision to guarantee the general interest. The Airport Regulation Document (DORA in Spanish), is the basic instrument for defining the minimum conditions necessary for guaranteeing the accessibility, adequacy and suitability of airport infrastructure and the adequate provision of basic airport services to the Aena airport network, all established in five-year periods.

This aim of this stable regulatory framework, adapted to the community regulations, and the European environment, is to guarantee, for reasons of general interest, the mobility of citizens and economic, social and territorial cohesion, ensuring the accessibility and capacity of airport infrastructure, economic sustainability, as well as the adequate provision of basic airport services, in terms of quality, regularity and safety.

Ineco provides technical support to the Directorate General of Civil Aviation in the development of methods and procedures for the effective creation of the Airport Regulation Document (DORA). This involves the analysis of information provided by Aena S.A. and the drafting and processing of the document itself.

The approval of the document is expected in the last quarter of 2016, as regards the defining of the new conditions for the 2017-2021 period.

Data Sheet
Location: Spain
Client: General Directorate of Civil Aviation
Execution period: 2014 - To date
Market: Airports

Analysis work

The methodologies developed cover the areas of traffic prognosis, infrastructure capacity, service quality, investments forecast and economic-financial aspects.

Ineco has provided technical support in the development of methodologies that allow evaluations of air traffic estimations provided by the airport manager. Furthermore, airport infrastructure capacity indicators were defined, for the evaluation of investment needs in the airport system; quality indicators that allow comparison of the quality service levels provided in airports making up the network, with the quality offered in other similar European airports; studies have been carried out in economics and investments, for the recognition of efficient costs, for the analysis and classification of the investments proposed by the airport manager and a calculation procedure that allows the value of the annual maximum income per passenger and the adjusted annual maximum income per passenger to be obtained.

Ineco has provided technical support in the evaluation of the information provided by the airport manager and in the preparation and processing of the DORA for the 2017-2021 period.