Ineco is commissioned by the Ministry of Public Works for a management project

Ministry of Public Works

The Council of Ministers has authorised, at the request of the Ministry of Public Works, that Ineco be commissioned to provide consultancy and technical support services to Highways for project drafting, in addition to the co-ordination, supervision and management of road safety-related actions. The completion deadline for this project, which has a value of €27,485,810.52, is 36 months.

Ineco will have to provide technical support for drafting road safety-related projects that are designed to meet the requirements of the Plan for the Treatment of Accident Concentration Road Sections and the Plan for the Adaptation and Installation of Safety Barriers. The drafting of layout adaptation projects, improvement of intersections, realignment of accesses, conditioning of crossings and road surface refurbishment derived from the inspections carried out throughout the network are also included.

Likewise, Ineco will offer its technical support for the co-ordination, supervision and management of the continuous monitoring of road safety-related activities, through the implementation, maintenance and operation of an Information System that will include data relative to accidents and the actions carried out in this regard.

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