Fourth BIM Commission Meeting

Ministry of Public Works

Jesús Silva, president of Ineco, has participated in the fourth meeting of the BIM Commission, which was presided by the Subsecretary of Public Works, Mario Garcés. The event served to check on the progress of projects being carried out by various working groups, a year after the creation of this body.

At the meeting, the first documents that have already been completed were presented, implementation of the 2016 BIM National survey was announced, which aims to establish the current level of BIM in Spain, and the results of the survey conducted by EU BIM Task Group were reported – a survey that analyses how the different processes of BIM implementation are being addressed in Europe.

Ineco supports the Ministry of Public Works in this Commission which seeks to drive implementation of BIM methodology in Spain, and in which representatives from both the public and private sectors participate. This initiative endeavours to promote the use of this methodology throughout infrastructure life cycle; to raise awareness among public administrations concerning the establishment of BIM requirements in infrastructure tenders; to establish a timeline for adapting regulations for its generalised use; to develop national standards that allow for its uniform use; to create an academic map for training in this methodology in Spain; and to facilitate its introduction into curricula.

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