New collaboration with Rail Baltica


Ineco has been awarded one of the 11 sections of the Rail Baltica project. The high-speed railway corridor will join the Baltic republics to the Trans-European Transport Network, TEN-t.

The project aim is to develop the value engineering, detailed design and author’s supervision of part of the new line going through the city of Riga. The section has a length of 56km and includes, at least, 7 regional stations that will be designed on a conceptual level, 14 road viaducts, 16 railway viaducts, 13 pedestrian walkways, 4 ecoducts, 61 railway culverts (transverse drainage systems) and 4 underpasses. It also features a 2,400m Cut and Cover tunnel and two long structures of 815m and 2,500m.

The project, which Ineco will be developing in consortium with IDOM, is a challenge of great technical complexity. Together with the two projects we are already working on for Rail Baltica, the project will directly impact the territory, boosting economic growth as well as environmental sustainability, consolidating high safety standards in the North of Europe.


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