Agenda 2030 is all of us

Responsabilidad Social Corporativa

Ineco has presented the main results and actions carried out during 2020 within the framework of the company's Agenda 2030 Plan, as well as the Action Plan for 2020. 

In 2019, Ineco carried out more than 30 social actions and nearly 3,500 volunteer hours, with the company contributing directly to improving the lives of more than 200,000 people.  In this regard, the president of Ineco, Carmen Librero, has stated that "the enormous involvement that has been added to each and every one of the initiatives and actions undertaken as part of Ineco's Agenda 2030 Plan, has enabled us to transform into reality projects that move us towards a fairer and more egalitarian social model. We are aware that there is still a long way to go, but we do this with the pride of knowing that we at Ineco are pioneers in the forging of this necessary path.

The conference was closed by David Lucas, MITMA's Secretary General for Housing and Urban Agenda, who stressed that: "we must resume the discourse and talk about sustainable development, because society continues to move forward and we must not be left behind. The work that Ineco does therefore seems to me to be particularly significant because that is your way of developing projects".

Celestino Rodríguez, Director of the Office of the President, moderated the round table, which included participation by Jorge de San José, Director of People; Luis Janeiro, Deputy Director of Administration, Labour Relations and Safety; Ainhoa Zubieta, Deputy Director of Economics, Planning and Environment; Bertrán Visedo, Deputy Director of Management Systems; Africa Jiménez, Deputy Director of Institutional Relations and CR; and Carlos Moro, Director of Legal & Compliance. Within the framework of this forum, the 40 actions were outlined, planned around 5 action programmes - equality, work life balance, sustainability, solidarity and compliance - which will generate a positive impact on all 17 Sustainable Development Objectives that form part of Agenda 2030.

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Agenda 2030 is all of us.

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