The Human Factor, overcoming challenges for designing the future.


Ineco held its webinar on the influence of the Human Factor on transport infrastructure activity and decision-making processes. Based on the methodology for the integration of the human factor into risk analysis, which received an award from CANSO in 2019, the session also focused on the possibilities that the information and data available to or stored by the different service providers can provide to improve knowledge of Human Performance and its relationship to operation safety.

The conference, moderated by Daniel Sánchez Machota, manager of Ineco's Air Safety area, consisted of the presentation of four approaches to the subject by experts Tatiana Rueda, Víctor Gordo and José Manuel Rísquez from the company Marisol de Mena. The first block focused on the methodology for integrating the Human Factor into safety assessments in Air Traffic Management (ATM). The focus then shifted to the application of Human Performance in the railway area. The third presentation covered the application of the methodology in the decision-making phase and in the integration of drone operations into the ATM systems. And finally, an introduction to some conceptual ideas on how existing Human Factors methodologies can be enriched thanks to Artificial Intelligence and Digitalization was presented.

To conclude, the speakers answered questions posed by the attendees, followed by a summary of the conclusions by the day's moderator, which included the advantages of having a comprehensive, transversal, practical and systemic methodology, the importance of taking the Human Factor into account beginning with the decision-making stage, as well as the opportunities provided by data sciences to enrich the assessments.

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