Ineco to advise Cape Verde on the development of a new airport


Our company will carry out a feasibility study for the location of a new greendfield airport on the island of Santo Antão in Cape Verde.

Ineco had carried out a previous study in 2017 -which included recommendations for the airport’s location. Fresh cartographic and meteorological data was added to the study, resulting in the following work, among other tasks, to be carried out:

- Adjust, determine and confirm the location, length and orientation of the runway.

- Updating the obstacle limitation surfaces.

- Updating demand with the latest traffic data and new aircraft models of airlines operating in Cape Verde.

- Description of initial and maximum development phases.

The highest airport authority of Cape Verde and Ineco have been collaborating for years with works in the field of aeronautical safety studies, as well as others related to airport infrastructures in design and work supervision. Recently, they entrusted our company with the preparation of the obstacle and safety analysis for the implementation of night operations and instrument flight meteorological conditions for the São Filipe aerodrome on Fogo Island.

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