Ineco, INTA and ISDEFE face the challenges of the space sector together


Ineco, INTA and ISDEFE have signed an agreement for the development of joint projects of mutual interest in the opportunities that may be generated by the new European Union Space Regulation. José María Salom, General Manager of INTA, Francisco Quereda, Managing Director of ISDEFE and Carmen Librero, President of Ineco, signed this memorandum, which consolidates the collaboration that the three public entities have maintained since 2019. A commitment to face, together and with a country-centred vision, this new scenario, which is expected to generate significant opportunities for all Spanish companies and institutions in the space sector.

The new Space Regulation being developed by the European Union includes the creation of the EU Space Programme, as well as a specific Agency to manage it. This Space Programme is part of the EU's strategy for space, which focuses on four strategic objectives: maximising the benefits of space for the society and economy of the EU; promoting an innovative and competitive European space sector; reinforcing Europe's autonomy to access space and to use it in a secure environment; and strengthening the EU's role as a global participant by promoting international cooperation.

The new regulations are planned to go into force in 2021 and will empower the European Commission to delegate to Member States, groups of Member States or national public entities, the management of contracts, tasks and activities that were previously carried out by the European Space Agency (ESA) and the European Satellite Navigation Agency (GSA).

The space sector underpins many of the European Union's policies and strategic priorities and could play a crucial role in effectively addressing new challenges such as climate change, sustainable development, border control, maritime surveillance and the security of citizens.

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