Ineco recognises the talent of its professionals with its annual awards ceremony


Within the framework of the Ineco Day solidarity day, the company has highlighted the talent of its professionals with a new edition of the awards ceremony that the company promotes annually (link), as well as recognising the commitment of the professionals who have completed 25 years of active careers at Ineco (link honoured only internal). 

Ineco's social commitment was once again evident on this day, contributing with donations to the solidarity initiative "Sin Cartas Marcadas", and to the social action that is part of the company's Training Plan this year, with a scholarship programme so that children and young people in particularly vulnerable situations throughout the country can have the same opportunities for education and develop their potential without suffering disadvantages derived from their circumstances.

The president, Sergio Vázquez Torrón, emphasised during the event that "Ineco is not just any engineering company. It is a special company with an important culture of collaboration and innovation, which seeks excellence, with a commitment that must be strengthened". 

Innova Award

The CHARLI project has been awarded the Innova Prize in recognition of innovation and technological vanguard. It is an integrated tool for the machine learning determination of the layout characteristics of different types of linear works. 

Environment Award

The Environment Award went to the project for the digitalisation of the data collection process and analysis of results in the process of evaluating and improving the quality of vegetation control work on the Adif network platform by means of GIS and APPs. 

Lessons Learned Award

"Service Contract Regarding ERTMS" is the winner of this year's Lessons Learned Award and proposes the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to manage and analyse information on the status of the deployment of the ERTMS railway signalling system in Europe, as part of the work to support the European Commission. 

Hipatia Award

In recognition of its commitment to Equality, the first edition of the Hipatia Award went to the Incentiva Mujer Rural Programme, which seeks to expand the training and knowledge of rural women and encourage new initiatives that stimulate entrepreneurship and development. 

Press Start Award

The Press Start Award was also presented for the contribution and promotion of communication and the Ineco Brand.

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