Paseo del Bajo receives the award for the Best Urban Works Project of the Year


The new Paseo del Bajo urban motorway has been received the "Award for the Best Urban Works Project of the Year", at the gala of the Argentine Road Association, which is held every year to celebrate Roads Day.

Ineco, in collaboration with its local partner AC&A, inspected the work on section B 'South semi-covered trench', a four-lane partially-depressed road for heavy vehicle traffic in the central area of Buenos Aires. At 7.1 kilometres long, this is one of the most important civil works projects ever carried out in Argentina, connecting the Buenos Aires-La Plata and Illia highways and creating new green spaces in the lower Buenos Aires area.

This award highlights the fact that the Paseo del Bajo has relieved traffic in the city and improved north-south connectivity through 4 new lanes of semi-covered road and the remodelling of another 8 lanes on the surface, more than six kilometres long.

Since 1952, the Argentine Association of Roads has been working to promote the development of a high-quality road network that links the country quickly and safely.

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