Ineco receives the Esri Award in GIS for BIM-GIS integration in the A-76 Highway project


Ineco, the engineering and consultancy firm of the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, has received the Special Achievement in GIS (SAG) Award awarded by Esri, one of the world's leading companies in software for Geographic Information Systems.

The award recognizes the groundbreaking work that the company carried out in Spain in the development of GIS technology (Geographic Information System), thanks to the integration of the BIM methodology into a GIS environment to develop a 3D virtual model of the future A-76 Ponferrada-Ourense Highway, Section: Villamartin de la Abadía-Requejo, for the General Directorate of Roads.

The Special Achievement in GIS Awards are international awards given to organizations around the world, which Esri Inc. uses to express its appreciation for the use of its technology to solve some of the most important international challenges. Every year, different global projects in different fields are recognized for demonstrating their capacity for innovation and the use of GIS to solve new problems.

A groundbreaking project in Spain

The digital twin of the project was created as a puzzle to which the 3D models generated by the different disciplines involved in civil engineering projects are added progressively, using interoperable formats that make it possible to integrate digital information from a broad ecosystem of tools.

The integration of the BIM model of the infrastructure into GIS enriches it by incorporating a multitude of data that cannot otherwise be incorporated because it lacks geometry, and by providing more analyses, thus helping to improve the assessment of the affected elements thanks to integration with the environment, and improve decision-making over the lifetime of the road.

Quick access for all the project agents

All of the information is accessible through the on-line 3D GIS Viewer. Customers, technicians, collaborators, contractors or interested users can consult all the information on the project easily and intuitively. This makes it a new tool in decision-making, and also a very powerful communication tool in the different phases of the project.

For more information, click here for more information on the project.

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