Ineco promotes internal talent and the prominence of women in its new management team.

• The company faces a new impulse in its activity focused on sustainable mobility and digital transformation.

• A new innovation and product development office is created to boost knowledge and promote the capacity to generate pioneering services within the sector.

Ineco, the engineering and consultancy firm of the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and the Urban Agenda, is developing a process to update its organisational chart with the aim of giving new impetus to the company's activity, focusing it, as a priority, on leadership in sustainable mobility and digital transformation.

To this end, the President of Ineco, Sergio Vázquez Torrón, has designed a plan during his first five months at the helm of the company that aims to improve the efficiency of internal processes, strengthen national and international activity, promote the talent of the professionals who form part of the company, and promote the role of women in Ineco's management and governing bodies. In this regard, the company's Board of Directors has approved these objectives.

To achieve this, the company has decided to integrate three profiles with extensive experience in Ineco into its closest nucleus. Patricia Rey Romero, a civil engineer with more than 15 years of experience in the company, which she joined as an intern, will take over the General Management of Engineering and Consultancy; Ainhoa Zubieta de Piquer - also a civil engineer - with more than 22 years of experience, 18 of them at Ineco, will become the General Manager of International Business, leading the challenge of reinforcing the current presence of Ineco's activity on the five continents. The General Manager of National Business is one of Ineco's most veteran profiles, Moisés Gilaberte Fernández, with more than three decades of experience in the company. Civil engineer and university professor, he will be responsible for relations with the General State Administration and the rest of the organisations with which the company collaborates on a national level. Another woman, Magdalena Bodelón Alonso, heads the General Directorate of Organisation and Resources at Ineco. A graduate in Economics and Business Studies, she has been closely linked to Ineco, where she worked as a consultant and was a member of the Board of Directors in recent years, having spent a large part of her professional career at Renfe, where she currently held the position of Director of the European Funds Coordination Office.

Four general management departments, three of them headed by women, an unusual fact in the company, in addition to the creation of a new Innovation and Product Development Office, a pillar that aims to boost the knowledge and creative spirit of Ineco's professionals, promoting a specific space that fosters, coordinates and positions the capacity to generate pioneering services within the sector, a responsibility headed by Ana Rojo Calderón.

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